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Snooks Dowd

Raymond Bernard "Snooks" Dowd

December 20, 1897
Springfield, MA

April 4, 1962
Northampton, MA

1913-14 Springfield High School - Massachusetts (High School)
1914-15 Springfield High School - Massachusetts (High School)
1915-16 Springfield High School - Massachusetts (High School)
1915-16 Springfield Vernons (Independent)
1916-17 Springfield Red Tops (Independent)
1917-18 Chicopee Fall Red Tops (Independent)
1918-19 Lehigh College (College) Did he play?
1918-19 Springfield Red Tops (Independent)
1919-20 Springfield Red Tops (IBL)
1920-21 Springfield Gunners (IBL)
1921-20 Springfield Gunners (IBL)
1922-23 Troy Trojans (NYSL)
1922-23 Springfield Gunners (IBL)
1922-23 Eddie Holly's Majors (Independent)
1923-24 Eddie Holly's Majors (Independent)
1924-25 Eddie Holly's Majors (Independent)
1925-26 Boston Whirlwinds (ABL)
1926-27 Canton Orphans (CBL)
1926-27 Baltimore Orioles (ABL)

Dowd played basketball, football and baseball in high school, and in 1918 signed to play baseball with Syracuse in the International League. He enrolled at Lehigh that fall and played on the football team, but left school in January of 1919. (Not sure he ever played basketball while there.) A very skilled athlete, Dowd found himself in the major leagues with the Detroit Tigers in 1919 at age 21. After one game there, he managed three hits in 18 at bats for Connie Mack and the Philadelphia Athletics, and then returned to the minor leagues where he played through 1927. He never returned to the major leagues, but in the off-season, Dowd kept playing pro basketball around Springfield and Massachusetts. He played two season in the ABL with the Boston Whirlwinds and the Baltimor Orioles.

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