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Phil Barlow

Philip Barlow

March 2, 1902
Rochester, NY

January 3, 1986
Rochester, NY

1925-26 Rochester Kodaks (Independent)
1925-26 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1926-27 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1927-28 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1928-29 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1929-30 Rochester Aviators (Independent)
1930-31 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1931-32 Rochester Centrals (Independent)
1932-33 Rochester Centrals (Independent)
1933-34 Rochester Centrals (Independent)
1934-35 Rochester Centrals (Independent)
1934-35 JYMA - Rochester (Independent)
1934-35 Buffalo (NYSL)
1934-35 Rochester Paragons (Independent)

Born in Rochester to Russian immigrants Simon and Nellie, Phil grew up playing baseball and basketball around Rochester. He worked as a lithographer during the 1920's and 30's, as well as playing basketball for many years with the Rochester Centrals. After serving in the Army during World War 2, Barlow owned various parking lots in Rochester.

He and his wife, Lillian had one daughter.

Obituary, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, January 8, 1986


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