Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Eddie "Stretch" Miller

Edward J. "Stretch" Miller

March 7, 1901

April 21, 1998
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

1921-22 Atlantic City St. Nichols (Independent)
1921-22 Philadelphia (EBL)
1921-22 Atlantic City (EBL)
1921-22 St. Peters (PBL)
1921-22 St. Peters (PBL)
1922-23 Ocean City Big Fives (EBL)
1923-24 Atlantic City Redjackets (Independent)
1923-24 South Philadelphia Arcadia AA (Independent)
1924-25 Tri-Council (PBL)
1924-25 Kingston Colonials (MBL)
1925-26 Philadelphia Cranes (EBL)
1925-26 Chicago Bruins (ABL)
1926-27 Wildwood (SJL)
1926-27 Hammonton (SJL)
1926-27 Washington Palace Five (ABL)
1926-27 Baltimore Orioles (ABL)
1927-28 Philadelphia Warriors (ABL)
1927-28 Hammonton (SJL)
1928-29 Pattison (EBL)
1928-29 Ocean City (SJL)
1929-30 Camden (EBL)
1929-30 Bridgeton (TSL)
1930-31 Bridgeton (TSL)
1931-32 Bridgeton Moose (EBL)
1932-33 Bridgeton Gems (EBL) 
1933-34 Camden Brewers (ABL)

The lanky Eddie Miller, known as "Stretch" in basketball circles, spent the better part of 13 years as a professional basketball player around the Atlantic seaboard. The highly-sought and popular player spent five years in the ABL with five different teams. He died in 1998 at the age of 97.



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