Monday, October 16, 2017

Duke Dunne

Robert Jerome "Duke" Dunne

August 29, 1899
River Forest, IL

May 18, 1980
Winnetka, IL

1919-20 University of Michigan (College)
1920-21 University of Michigan (College)
Columbus Big-Five (Independent)
1923-24 Milwaukee Badgers (Independent)
1924-25 Chicago Bruins (Independent)
1925-26 Chicago Bruins (ABL)
1926-27 Chicago Bruins (ABL)

Born in 1899 to Edwin Dunne, who would become mayor of Chicago in 1905 and governor of Illinois in 1913. Dunne went to high school in Springfield, Illinois. A talented athlete, Dunne was a star football player who went to the University of Michigan where he played not just football but basketball and was a member of the track team. In 1920, he represented the United States in the Olympics in the penathalon. After graduating from UM in 1921, he went to law school at Northwestern where we also served as a line coach for the NU football team. He also played pro basketball for the Chicago Bruins during this time, before being hired as an assistant coach at Havard. After leaving Harvard in 1930, he returned to Illinois to practice law. He would go on to be appointed to the State of Illinois's Circuit bench and began a long career as a judge that would last until his retirement in 1976, spening a lot of time as a probate judge.

Duke and his wife, Margaret, had three sons and a daughter.



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