Thursday, October 19, 2017

Joe Karpus

Arthur Joseph "Joe" Karpus

January 16, 1899
Bay City, MI

March 25, 1983
Bay City, MI

1916-17 Grayling High School - Michigan (High School)
1918-19 University of Michigan (College)
1919-20 University of Michigan (College)
1920-21 University of Michigan (College)
1921-22 Detroit Millers (Independent)
1922-23 Detroit Pulaski Post (Independent)
1923-24 Detroit Pulaski Post (Independent)
1924-25 Detroit Pulaski Post (Independent)
1925-26 Detroit Pulaski Post (ABL)

While at UM, Karpas lettered not only in basketball, but in football and baseball as well. After graduating, he played minor league baseball for three seasons in the Michigan Ontario League, and also played pro basketball in the off season in Detroit. He played with Pulaski Post for four season, staying on with the team when they entered the ABL. He would leave athletics to become an engineer for the Michigan Highway Department for many years, retiring in 1967.

He married Angeline Supersynski (1900-1986) in 1925.

Minor League Baseball Stats

Lansing State Journal, July 19, 1967
Lansing State Journal, March 29, 1983


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