Friday, October 13, 2017

Jerry Conway

Jerome Patrick Conway

June 7, 1901
Holyoke, MA

April 16, 1980
Holyoke, MA

St. Anselm College - Vermont (College)
1918-19 Turners Falls (Independent)
1919-20 Holyoke All-Holyokers (IL)
1920-21 Holyoke Co. E. (IL)
1921-22 Holyoke Reds (IL)
1921-22 Glens Falls Co. K. (NYSL)
1922-23 Albany Senators (NYSL)
1922-23 Holyoke Reds (IL)
1923-24 Schenectady Dorpians (NYSL)
1923-24 Holyoke Pros (Independent)
1924-25 All-Holyoke (Independent)
1924-25 Westfield Whip City AC (Independent)
1924-25 Washington Palace-Five (Independent)
1925-26 Washington Palace-Five (ABL)
1926-27 Canton Orphans (CBL)
1927-28 Albany Senators (MBL)
1927-28 Meridan (CBL)
1927-28 Holyoke Indepenedents (Independent)
1927-28 Syracuse All Americans (Independent)
1928-29 Meridan Endees (Independent)
1928-29 Syracuse All Americans (Independent)
1928-29 Bristol Endees (Independent)
1929-30 Bristol Endees (Independent)
1929-30 Holyoke Giants (Independent)

After going to St. Anselm College, where Conway played basketball and baseball, Conway embarked on an athletic career that last over 10 years. He played professional basketball for many different teams in the east, peaking with his time with the Washington Palace Five. Also a left-handed pitcher, he pitched in one game in the major leagues, throwing two innings for the Washington Senators on August 31, 1920.

Major League Baseball Stats:



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