Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Henry Kiley

Henry Augustus Kiley

November 14, 1904
Boston, MA

November 10, 1988
Winthrop, MA

1924-25 Dorchester Shawmuts (Independent)
1925-26 Boston Whirlwinds (ABL)
1926-27 Washington Palace Five (ABL)
1926-27 Boston Nationals (Independent)
1927-28 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1928-29 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1929-30 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1930-31 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1931-32 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1932-33 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1933-34 Boston Whirlwinds (Independent)
1934-35 Boston Trojans (ABL)

Born to Thomas and Bridget Kiley in Boston, Henry, the youngest of seven children, played basketball for many years with the Boston Whirlwinds. He played with the club when they were in the ABL in 1925-26, and played with the Palace Five in the next season before returning to Boston and the Whirlwinds. He managed to return to the ABL for one more season in 1934-35.

Kiley was married to Grace Hurley (1906-1988) and they had one daughter.



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