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George Schell

George Schell

July 17, 1882
Buffalo, NY

May 1974
Elma, NY

1905-06 Buffalo Germans (Independent)
1906-07 Buffalo Germans (Independent)
1907-08 Buffalo Germans (Independent)
1908-09 Buffalo Germans (Independent)
1909-10 Buffalo Ramblers (Independent)
1910-11 Buffalo Ramblers (Independent)
1911-12 Buffalo Ramblers (Independent)
1912-13 Buffalo Ramblers (Independent)
1913-14 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1914-15 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1915-16 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1916-17 Buffalo Germans (Independent)
1917-18 Buffalo Germans (Independent)
1919-20 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1920-21 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1921-22 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1922-23 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1923-24 Buffalo Edwards (Independent)
1925-26 Buffalo Bisons (ABL)
1944-45 Westfield High School - New York (High School) Head coach
1945-46 Westfield High School - New York (High School) Head coach

A professional and semi-professional basketball player around Buffalo in the 1900's and 1910's, Schell entered the U.S. Army to fight in World War 2, but his day of enlistment is the day the War ended (November 11, 1918). After serving in the post-war service, he returned to Buffalo where he played pro basketball through 1926. He worked as YMCA Secretary in Westfield, New York in the 1940's, with a short time spent coaching the local high school team. He died in 1974.



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