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Ray Kennedy

Raymond Vincent Kennedy

November 10, 1893
New York, NY

February 1976

1913-14 Rockville Centre Wizards (Independent)
1914-15 Rockville Centre Wizards (Independent)
1915-16 Rockville Centre Wizards (Independent)
1916-17 Brooklyn Trinity Triangles (Independent)
1917-18 Original Celtics (Independent)
1918-19 Original Celtics (Independent)
1919-20 Gloversville Glovermakers (NYSL)
1919-20 Pittsfield (NYSL)
1919-20 Plymouth Shawnees (PSL)
1919-20 New York (Independent)
1919-20 New York Lyceum (Independent)
1919-20 Brooklyn Knights (Independent)
1920-21 Albany Senators (NYSL)
1920-21 Westfield Whip Field AC (IL)
1920-21 Turners Falls Athletics (IL)
1921-22 Amsterdam (NYSL)
1921-22 New York MacDowell (MBL)
1921-22 Holyoke Reds (IL)
1922-23 Amsterdam Flashes (NYSL)
1922-23 Brooklyn Pros (MBL)
1922-23 Northhampton Hampers (IL)
1922-23 Holyoke Reds (IL)
1923-24 Brooklyn Visitation (MBL)
1923-24 Yonkers Leaguers (MBL)
1923-24 Amsterdam Flashes (NYSL)
1923-24 Cleveland Rosenblums (Independent)
1924-25 Paterson Legionaires (MBL)
1924-25 Washington Palace Five (Independent)
1924-25 Tamaqua (AnBL)
1925-26 Paterson Legionaires (MBL)
1925-26 Washington Palace Five (ABL) Head coach / player
1926-27 Washington Palace Five (ABL) Head coach / player
1927-28 Washington Palace Five (ABL)
1927-28 Brooklyn Visitations (ABL) Head coach / player
1928-29 Chicago Bruins (ABL) Head coach / player
1929-30 Chicago Bruins (ABL)
1930-31 Chicago Bruins (ABL)
1931-32 Brooklyn Americans (Independent)
1931-32 Paterson Crescents (Independent)
1932-33 Jamaica Corbets (MBL)
1932-33 Brooklyn Americans MBL
1933-34 Camden Brewers (ABL)
1933-34 Yonkers Clintons (Independent)

Kennedy was a long-time basketball player who transformed the guard position in his playing career. He played for over 20 seasons around the east, even working as a player/coach. Despite his skills (he lead the ABL in scoring one season) and impact  on the sport, Kennedy is a forgotten star today.



Teddy Kearns

Edward Joseph "Teddy" Kearns

January 1, 1900
Trenton, NJ

December 21, 1949
Trenton, NJ

1917-18 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1918-19 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1919-20 Perkiomen Prep School - New Jersey (High School)
1920-21 Trenton Bengals (EBL)
1920-21 Trenton Bengals (PSL)
1920-21 Springfield Gunners (IL)
1921-22 Trenton Royal Bengals (EBL)
1922-23 Trenton Tigers (EBL)
1922-23 New York MacDowell (MBL)
1922-23 Cohoes Cohosiers (NYSL)
1923-24 Trenton Royal Bengals (MBL)
1923-24 Gloversville Wonder Workers (NYSL)
1924-25 Trenton Royal Bengals (MBL)
1924-25 Kingston Colonials (MBL)
1924-25 Tri-Council (PBL)
1924-25 Pottsville Big-Five (AnBL)
1925-26 Trenton Bengals (EBL)
1925-26 Newark Mets (MBL)
1925-26 Perth Amboy Amboyans (MBL)
1925-26 Washington Palace Five (ABL)
1926-27 Greenpoint / Trenton (NLN)
1926-27 Baltimore Orioles (ABL)
1926-27 Washington Palace Five (ABL)
1927-28 Philadelphia Warriors (ABL)
1928-29 Trenton Royal Bengals (ABL)
1929-30 Syracuse All Americans (ABL)
1930-31 Reading (TSL)
1930-31 Reading (EBL)

Born on the first day of the century, Kearns was a baseball and basketball star in Trenton. He played pro basketball for many years, as well as having a lengthy baseball career that saw him catch some time in the major leagues. He later become a public official, serving as the city commissioner in Trenton for 5 years and ran for freeholder in 1937. In 1939, he was named the state investigator for the state relief administration and then returned to the Trenton City Commissioner office from 1942-44. He was working as the athletic director at John A. Roebling's Sons Company at the time of his death from a heart attack at 49 years of age.

Teddy and his wife had five children.

Major League Baseball Stats

Courier-Post (Camden, NJ), December 22, 1949


Joe Karpus

Arthur Joseph "Joe" Karpus

January 16, 1899
Bay City, MI

March 25, 1983
Bay City, MI

1916-17 Grayling High School - Michigan (High School)
1918-19 University of Michigan (College)
1919-20 University of Michigan (College)
1920-21 University of Michigan (College)
1921-22 Detroit Millers (Independent)
1922-23 Detroit Pulaski Post (Independent)
1923-24 Detroit Pulaski Post (Independent)
1924-25 Detroit Pulaski Post (Independent)
1925-26 Detroit Pulaski Post (ABL)

While at UM, Karpas lettered not only in basketball, but in football and baseball as well. After graduating, he played minor league baseball for three seasons in the Michigan Ontario League, and also played pro basketball in the off season in Detroit. He played with Pulaski Post for four season, staying on with the team when they entered the ABL. He would leave athletics to become an engineer for the Michigan Highway Department for many years, retiring in 1967.

He married Angeline Supersynski (1900-1986) in 1925.

Minor League Baseball Stats

Lansing State Journal, July 19, 1967
Lansing State Journal, March 29, 1983


Cowboy Jones

Lucien Leroy "Cowboy" Jones

October 2, 1900
McCall Creek?, MS

August 9, 1971
Meadville, MS

1925-26 Washington Palace Five (ABL)

Jones was a long-time minor league baseball player, putting in 17 seasons in the sport but never making the major leagues. The outfielder / first baseman showed some great power while playing in the Sally and Pidemont Leagues in the 1920's and 30's.

Jones died in 1961 from injuries suffered after falling from a ladder while working at home. He was 70 years old.

He was married to Fairley Costley (1902-1998)

Minor League Baseball Stats



Bill Johnson

William V. Johnson

February 22, 1903
Newberry, MI

February 1969
Newberry, MI


Michigan State College (College) Did he play??
1925-26 Detroit Pulaski Post (ABL)

From Newberry, Michigan. Supposedly played basketball at Michigan State, but it looks like he only played football and baseball there. He does not appear on MSU's all-time letterwinner list. After leaving Michigan State College (now Michigan State University), he played semi-pro baseball in Manistique for two years before being signed by the Detroit Tigers. He went down with the team to August, Georgia, to workout with the club in spring of 1925. However, he did not make the club.

I have seen other sources claim he is a William Johnson (1903-1988) but articles state he is from Newberry, Michigan, which would lead to the William V. Johnson listed here.

Detroit Free Press, December 9, 1925


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Percy Jenkins

Percy Jenkins



Mercersburg High School - Pennsylvania (High School)
Staunton Military Academy - Virginia (High School)

1925-26 Boston Whirlwinds (ABL)

"Jenkins" appeared on one game for the Whirlwinds, on December 21, 1925. I believe he is Harvard athlete Percy Jenkins.

Jenkins was a highly-regarded athlete at Harvard in the early 1920's. Captain of the football team, he also ran track and played baseball. Due to his busy athletic schedule, he did not play basketball at Harvard. Graduated in 1924.

There was a Percy Jenkins from Quincy, Massachusetts, born on October 2, 1899. Could be him, but not sure. There was another Percy Jenkins from Clinton, NY, died in August of 1947, that it could be.

Boston Post, March 20, 1921


Cleon Hyde

Cleon D. Hyde

November 8, 1904
Smethport, PA

December 21, 1961
Grandview, MO

1921-22 Masten Park High School - Buffalo (High School)
1922-23 Masten Park High School - Buffalo (High School)
1923-24 Masten Park High School - Buffalo (High School)
1924-25 Buffalo Hewitts (Independent)
1925-26 Buffalo Bisons (ABL)
1926-27 Buffalo Lincolns (Independent)
1927-28 Buffalo Lincolns (Independent)

Born to Jeremiah and Nora Hyde, Cleon played pro basketball around Buffalo before becoming a CPA. He died in 1961 after a month-long illness.

Cleon had two sons.