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Eddie Gottlieb

Edward Gottlieb
born Isadore Gottlieb

September 5, 1898
Kiev, Russia

December 7, 1979
Philadelphia, PA

1917-18 Philadelphia YMHA (ALP)
1918-19 Philadelphia SPHA's (ALP)
1919-20 Philadelphia SPHA's (ALP)
1920-21 Philadelphia SPHA's (ALP)
1921-22 Philadelphia SPHA's (Independent)
1922-23 SPHA's (PBL)
1923-24 SPHA's (PBL)
1924-25 Philadelphia SPHA's (Independent)
1925-26 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL) Head coach
1926-27 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1927-28 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1928-29 Philadelphia SPHA's (Independent)
1929-30 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL) Head coach
1930-31 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL) Head coach
1931-32 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL) Head coach
1932-33 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL) Head coach
1933-34 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1934-35 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1935-36 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1936-37 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1937-38 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1938-39 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1939-40 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1940-41 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1941-42 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach / player
1942-43 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1943-44 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1944-45 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1945-46 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL) Head coach
1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1947-48 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1948-49 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1949-50 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1950-51 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1951-52 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1952-53 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1953-54 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1954-55 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach
1955-56 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA) Head coach


Born in Kiev, Russia (in what is now the Ukraine), Gottlieb's family came to the United States around the turn of the century. Eddie took to sports as a youth, and kept with it through his adult life. He played, coached and owned teams throughout his life. Starting as a player for the Young Men's Hebrew Association in Philadelphia, he formed with Philadelphia SPHA's during World War I, and remained a coach and manager for many years. In the 1940's, as basketball was increasing in popularity, he was a key part of the forming of the BAA, which would become the NBA. He was the owner of the Philadelphia Warriors, and would sell the SPHA's to Red Klotz in 1950 as the NBA began to grow as an organization into a sustainable league. Gottlieb sold the team and the franchise moved to San Francisco, where they took the Golden State moniker. Gottlieb stayed on as an advisor to the NBA, and died in 1979. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972.



Willie Flynn

William Flynn



1934-35 Trenton High School (High School)
1935-36 Trenton High School (High School)
1936-37 Trenton High School (High School)
1941-42 Trenton Tigers (ABL)

Flynn was a member of the 1934-35 State Champions in basketball at Trenton HS.

Is he the William Flynn born to Michel and Cecila Flynn??







1941-42 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)

Played one game for the SPHA's.



Paul Chadick

Paul Joseph Chadick

May 25, 1918
Wilmington, DE

December 28, 1999
Seminole, FL

1934-35 Wilmington High School - Delaware (High School)
1935-36 Wilmington High School - Delaware (High School)
1936-37 Beacom College - Delaware (College)
1937-38 St. Joseph's College - Philadelphia (College)
1938-39 St. Joseph's College - Philadelphia (College)
1939-40 Amsterdam (NYSL)
1940-41 St. Hedwig Huskies - Wilmington, DE (Independent)
1941-42 Wilmington Blue Bombers (ABL)
1943-44 Wilmington Blue Bombers (ABL)
1945-46 Wilmington Bombers (ABL)
1946-47 Wilmington Bombers (ABL)
1947-48 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1947-48 Sunbury (EBL)
1948-49 Trenton Tigers (ABL)

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, to Frank and Gertrude Chadick, Paul went to Wilmington HS before enrolling at Beacom College (now Golden Beacom). After one year there, he transferred to St. Joseph's in Philly. He quite school halfway through his second year at St. Joe's, and played semi-pro basketball before signing with the Wilmington Blue Bombers of the ABL in 1941. After the season, though, he entered the USMC to serve in World War 2. As a marine, he saw combat in Okinawa and at Guadalcanal. After the war, he played basketball a few more years. He would eventually move to Seminole, Florida, where he was a manager of Park and Starkey Liquors and would open up his own sporting store there, too. He died in Florida in 1999 at 81 years of age.

Paul married Mary Kisielewski in 1942 and they had two sons and three daughters.

The New Journal (Wilmington, DE), April 22, 1984
 Tampa Bay Times, December 29, 1999


Vince Capraro

Vincent Capraro

November 9, 1919
New York (East Harlem), NY

October 5, 2016
Montrose, NY

1940-41 Brooklyn Dodgers (Independent)
1940-41 CCNY (College)
1941-42 New York Jewels (ABL)

Born to Dominic and Teresa Capraro, Capraro was a star athlete at CCNY and played a little bit of professional basketball. He became a Marine and served in Europe during World War 2. After the war, he enrolled at the Hans Hoffman School of Fine Arts in Greenwich Village,  and then returned to Europe, studying art for much of the 1950's in Rome. He returned to the U.S. and was a well-known painter and sculptor around New York.

He was married to Tatiana Onus.

Obituary, Rockland Times, October 13, 2016


Sid Blair

Sidney Blair

September 8, 1917
Brooklyn, NY

December 1982
Jamaica, NY

1941-42 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1941-42 Saratoga (NYSL)  
1944-45 Washington Capitols (ABL)
1945-46 Long Island Bombers (Independent)
1946-47 Newark Bobcats / Yonkers Chiefs (ABL)
1946-47 Troy Celtics (ABL)
1947-48 Elizabeth Braves (ABL)
1947-48 Brooklyn Gothams (ABL)



Billy Beckett

William Fisher Beckett

October 26, 1917
Philadelphia, PA

March 6, 1988
Brooklyn, NY

1938-39 Standard Lodge - Philadelphia (Independent)
1939-40 Standard Lodge - Philadelphia (Independent)
1940-41 Mason Stars - Philadelphia (Independent)
1940-41 Lido - Philadelphia (Independent)
1941-42 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1942-43 Sun Ship - Philadelphia (Independent)

Born in Philly to Samuel and Rachel Beckett, Beckett served in the U.S. Army during World War 2.

He had four sons.