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Bill McCleary

Bill McCleary



1918-19 Buffalo Wheats - Buffalo (Independent)
1919-20 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1920-21 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1921-22 Buffalo Orioles (Independent)
1922-23 Buffalo Firemakers (Independent)
1922-23 Buffalo Hewitts (Independent)
1923-24 Buffalo Hewitts (Independent)
1924-25 Buffalo Hewitts (Independent)
1924-25 Fort Wayne Caseys (Independent)
1925-26 Fort Wayne Caseys (ABL)

The 6-foot-tall, 170 pound  McCleary played basketball for many years in and around Buffalo before moving to Fort Wayne to play with the Caseys. McCleary had appendicitis in January of 1925 and missed a lot of the Casey's games that season.

He served in the U.S. Army during World War One, according to an article in the Buffalo Enquirer from January 6, 1919.

PBE has McCleary identified as William F. McCleary, born 1902, dying in 1983. I do not believe this is the correct man, for he would barely be 16 years old when playing for the Buffalo Wheats. Also, he would have been far too young to serve in the War. Plus, a look at ancestry.com doesn't place this man in Indiana, either. There is one article that states he is from Erie, Pennsylvania, but that doesn't help much. There is a William Luther McCleary (1895-1974) who was born in Altenwald, PA, dying in Elberfeld, IN, but Altenwald is nowhere near Erie.

William J. McCleary (8-13-96- 6-16-87), parents Joseph and Mary? Married Anna (d. 1957) and had daughters Marilyn, Jean, Annette and Louis.

Another William H. McCleary from Buffalo: Parents James and Katherine, brothers James (1896-1967) and Charles.

Buffalo Enquirer, January 6, 1919


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