Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lou Schneiderman

Louis J. Schneiderman

January 10, 1899
Philadelphia, PA

December 18, 1972
Philadelphia, PA

1915-16 Central High School - Philadelphia (High School)
1916-17 Central High School - Philadelphia (High School)
1917-18 Philadelphia YMHA (ALP)
1918-19 Philadelphia SPHA's (ALP)
1919-20 Philadelphia SPHA's (Independent)
1920-21 Philadelphia Hancock / SPHA's (ALP)
1921-22 Philadelphia SPHA's (Independent)
1922-23 Philadelphia SPHA's (PBL)
1922-23 St. Peters (PBL)
1923-24 St. Peters (PBL)
1923-24 Boyertown (Independent)
1923-24 South Arcadia AA (Independent)
1924-25 Philadelphia SPHA's (PBL)
1924-25 South Arcadia AA (Independent)
1925-26 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL)
1925-26 Boston Whirlwinds (ABL)
1926-27 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1927-28 Washington Palace Five / Brooklyn Visitation (ABL)
1927-28 Philadelphia SPHA's (PBL)
1928-29 Kennett Square Philadelphia SPHA's (PBL)
1930-31 Germantown (PBL)

The 5-foot-8, 140 pound (according to his WW1 draft card) played basketball for many various teams in the Philadelphia area through the 1920's. He played three seasons in the ABL, hopping between Boston, Philly, Washington and Brooklyn.

Lou was married to Bernice Schneiman and they had one son and two daughters.



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