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1937-38 Columbus Athletic Supply (NBL)

Possibly went to Southern Illinois and/or Illinois. There was a George "Sage Brush" McConnell who played college football for Monmouth College (Ill) in the mid 30's

Might be Bob McConnell from Coshocton, Ohio (see Coshocton Tribune, Dec 25, 1937 - Page 11:
Robert "Petey" McConnell
Played for Coshocton Redskins
Brothers grave:
Deceased as of 1977, according to his father's (Alfred McConnell)'s findagrave page
Points to:
1943: Corporal in the armed forces out of Drew Field in Tampa, Florida. Fought in the Phillipines

Also possibly Robert L. McConnell, died 5/13/1975, but not likely. Buried in Coshocton, but grave is not near the rest of the family

NOT Petey or Maxie McConnell from Coshocton


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