Monday, August 17, 2015

Cookie Cunningham

Harold Brewer "Cookie" Cunningham

February 4, 1905
Mount Vernon, OH

November 3, 1995
Leesburg, FL

1926-27 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL)
1927-28 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL)
1928-29 Toledo Red Man Tobaccos (Independent)
1928-29 Richmond Pals (Independent) 
1929-30 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL) 
1929-30 Toledo Red Man (NPBL)
1930-31 Toledo Red Man Tobaccos (ABL)
1931-32 Chicago Bruins (Independent)
1931-32 Toledo (Independent)
1931-32 Chicago Bruins (Independent)
1931-32 Original Celtics (Independent)
1932-33 Akron Firestone (NPBL)
1933-34 Akron Firestone (Independent)
1934-35 Akron Firestone (Independent)
1934-35 Cleveland Blepp-Combs (Independent)
1935-36 Dayton Metropolitans (MBC) 
1935-36 Lancaster (Semi-Pro)
1937-38 Columbus Athletic Supply (NBL) - also Head Coach
1937-38 Toledo Borgelts (Independent)

Cunningham was a football and basketball star at Ohio State before playing professional football in the first AFL and then the NFL. He also played some pro basketball in the ABL before becoming player/coach for Columbus in the NBL. He died in 1995 at 90.

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