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Bob Lytle

Robert Henry "Red" Lytle

August 9, 1916
Warren, PA

February 18, 1998
Titusville, PA

Warren High School
1935-36 HyVis Oil  (Independent)
1936-37 Edinborough State (College)
1937-38 Edinborough State (College)
1937-38 Warren Penns (NBL)
1938-39 Edinborough State (College)
1939-40 Edinborough State (College)

I had very little to go on, so I checked for Robert Lytle in Warren, PA. 1930 census found Robert H. Lytle, in Warren, PA, Son of Ezra (    -1937) and May. Older brothers James (c.1908) Joseph (c.1915) Sisters Catherine (c.1913)  The 1940 census had Lytle married Mary Lou Whiting and had a daughter, Mary Charlotte. Living in Titusville, PA. Search for a grave for Mary Lou got me
With her husband, Robert H. Lytle, dying in 1998. So I found Mary's obit:
... and now the pieces began to fit. She met Robert and married in 1938. She went to Edinboro State Teachers College, where Robert Lytle of the Warren Pens went. And her husband is listed as nicknamed "Red" which is also a match for the player. So the lines are drawn and we have Robert Lytle of the Warren Penns

A football and basketball player in high school and in college, Lytle went on to teach and coach high school football in Bessemer, Pennsylvania, Franklin, PA, Titusville, PA and Conneaut, Ohio.

Bob married Mary Louise Whiting (1917-2014) in 1938. Had four daughters, Charlotte (dec), Cynthia, Sarah, Susan and two sons, Samuel and Kevin.

Edinborough HOF page

Warren Times Mirror, January 12, 1937


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