Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Raymond Adams

Raymond Thomas Adams

September 28, 1912
Chicago, IL

August 26, 1992
Des Plaines, IL

1929-30 St. Patrick's High School in Chicago
1930-31 St. Patrick's High School in Chicago
1931-32 St. Patrick's High School in Chicago
1932-33 DePaul University (College)
1933-34 DePaul University (College)
1934-35 DePaul University (College)
1935-36 DePaul University (College)
1936-37 Oshkosh All-Stars (Independent)
1936-37 Chicago Duffy Floral (MBC)
1937-38 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1937-38 Chicago Duffy Floral (Independent)
1938-39 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1939-40 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1940-41 Chicago Bruins (NBL)

Born to William (c.1876) and Josie (c.1878) Adams, Ray Adams went to St. Patrick High School in Chicago, and then went to become an All-American basketball player at De Paul. After a few years as a pro, he went on to coach at De La Salle High School and the De Paul Academy in Chicago. He also served in the army during World War 2. He was married to Minnie Picolotti (1917-2006) and had two sons, Raymond and Gerald, and a daughter, Sandra Clarke. Adams worked a tax and financial consultant, and died in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1992.

(Obituary says 77, but SSDI and other sources say he was 79 at death)


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