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Buck Lamme

Emerald Ford "Buck" Lamme

July 2, 1905
Delaware, OH

September 4, 1957
Dublin, OH

1922-23 Ostrander High School - Ohio (High School)
1923-24 Ohio Wesleyan (College)
1924-25 Ohio Wesleyan (College) 
1925-26 Ohio Wesleyan (College)
1926-27 Columbus West High School - Ohio (High School) Head coach
1927-28 Uhrichsville High School - Ohio (High School) Head coach
1928-29 Newsies - New Philadelphia, Ohio (Independent)
1928-29 Columbus (Independent)
1928-29 Coshocton (Independent)
1928-29 Columbus West High School - Ohio (High School) Head coach
1929-30 Canton Orphans (NPBL)
1931-32 Cleveland Penzoils (Independent)
1932-33 Cleveland Penzoils (Independent)
1933-34 Coshocton (Independent)
1934-35 Coshocton Buckeyes (Independent)
1935-36 Dayton Metropolitans (MBC)
1936-37 Richmar Sterling Oils (Independent)
1937-38 Columbus Athletic Supply (NBL)
1946-47 Shea's Insurance - Columbus, Ohio (Independent)

Emerald "Buck" Lamme was born in Delaware, Ohio. He attended Ohio Wesleyan and afterwards played for Cleveland in the NFL in 1931, prior to playing basketball professionally. Lamme married Irene Mitchell (1905-??) and had two sons, Gene (1930-1962) and John (1928-2014). In 1957, Lamme was found dead at the foot of the O'Shaughnessy Dam located in Dublin, Ohio. He had jumped to his death and it was reported as suicide. He was the owner of the Brown Jug Restaurant in Delaware, Ohio, at the time of his death.

He also played minor league baseball briefly.

Daily Times, (New Philadelphia, OH) , December 19, 1928
Daily Reporter (Dover, OH), September 5, 1957
Marysville Journal Tribune, September 5, 1957

NFL Career:

Minor League Baseball Stats


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  1. Could it be possible that his suicide has something to do with the death of his grandson, also in 1957?