Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bud Lindberg

Lester L. "Bud" "The Baron" Lindberg ??

December 8, 1911 ??
Illinois ??

February 1, 1988 ??
Lockport, IL ??

1930-31 Fort Wayne Hoosiers (ABL)
1932-33 Fort Wayne Chiefs (NPBL)
1933-34 Fort Wayne General Electrics (Independent)
1933-34 University of Illinois (College) ??
1934-35 University of Illinois (College) ??
1935-36 University of Illinois (College) ??
1936-37 Fort Wayne General Electrics (MBC)
1937-38 Fort Wayne General Electrics (NBL)

Born to William and Esther Lindberg, Lester was a football and basketball player at Illinois. After graduating, he took a job at his hometown high school, Lockport HS, in Illinois, where he was the football coach. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War 2.

He was married to Evelyn Murphy (d. 2012).

The Pro Basketball Encyclopedia lists this player as Walter G. Lindenberg (1909-1981). Newspaper reports I searched from the time make no mention of  "Lindenberg", but only "Lindberg." So I am not convinced that Walter "Bud" Lindenberg is the guy. But I am also not ruling him out, nor am I ruling out Lester from the Illini. Lester's time at UI coincides with the interruption in the pro player's career, and Lester was an older studen at UI. Need to calrify

Daily Illini, May 8, 1936


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