Monday, August 17, 2015

Bobby Colburn

Robert H. Colburn

March 23, 1911
Lockland, OH

February 3, 2001
Hubbard, OH

1932-33 Ohio State (College)
1933-34 Ohio State (College)
1934-35 Ohio State (College)
1934-35 Cohocton Buckeyes (Independent)
1935-36 Dayton Metropolitans (MBC)
1935-36 Indianapolis Kautskys (MBC)
1936-37 Dayton London Bobbies (MBC) 
1937-38 Dayton Metropolitans (NBL)
1937-38 West Carrollton High School - Ohio (High School)  Head coach
1938-39 Dayton Halls Laundry (Independent)
1938-39 West Carrollton High School - Ohio (High School)  Head coach
1939-40 Dayton Metropolitans (Independent)
1939-40 West Carrollton High School - Ohio (High School)  Head coach
1940-41 Waterloo Wonders (Independent)
1940-41 Dayton Suchers (Independent)
1941-42 Bowling Green High School - Ohio (High School)  Head coach
1943-44 Dayton Bombers (Independent)
1944-45 Dayton Acmes (Independent) Head coach / player
1944-45 Dayton Mickeys (Independent) Head coach
1944-45 Roosevelt High School  - Dayton (High School) Head coach
1945-46 Dayton Mickeys (Independent) Head coach

Robert H. Colburn was born in Lockland, Ohio, to Robert and Anna (Dranson). He graduated from Ohio State in 1935 and played semi-pro basketball before landing with the Dayton Metro's. He went on to coach basketball and teach at West Carrollton High School, Bowling Green High School, Roosevelt High School (Dayton), Wilbur Wright High School (Dayton) and then Carlisle High School, where he eventually became the Principal. He was at Carlisle from 1953 until retirement in 1975, during which he got his Master's Degree from Xavier.

He married Sara Ankney (1914-1994) on August 24, 1936, and two sons, Robert and James, and a daughter, Dorothy. He died in Hubbard,  Ohio.



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