Monday, August 31, 2015

LaVerne Meyer

LaVerne Lester "Little Moose" "Sonny" Meyer

June 17, 1917
Peotone, IL 

July 1, 1962
Peotone, IL  

1937-38 Kankakee Gallagher Trojans (NBL)

Born to Lester and Clara (1895-1978) Meyer went to the University of Illinois and then to Gallagher Business School. The Gallagher School basketball team competed in the NBL as the Kankakee Gallagher Trokans. He married Carole Ely of Watseka, Illinois, in 1941, and entered the U.S. Army shortly afterwards. He would own an automobile dealer in Peotone before selling it in 1960. He was working as a parts manager when he suffered a fatal heart attack in his home. He had just turned 45.

He and his wife, Carol, had two sons and two daughters.

(He is not related to teammate Don Meyer.)

Kankakee Valley Genealogical Study


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