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Gerald Archibald

Gerald Bruce Archibald

August 22, 1907
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

November 25, 1990
Warren, PA

1926-27 Warren Clothes Shop (Semi-pro)
1927-28 Warren Crescents (Independent)
1927-28 Corry Keystones (Independent)
1928-29 Warren Merchants  (Independent)
1929-30 Warren Merchants  (Independent)
1930-31 Warren Merchants  (Independent)
1931-32 Warren Trasnits (Independent)
1932-33 Warren Transits (Independent)
1933-34 Warren Hy Vis Oilers (Independent)
1934-35 Warren Hy Vis Oilers (Independent)
1935-36 Warren Hy Vis Oilers (Independent) 
1936-37 Warren Penns (MBC) Head coach / player
1937-38 Warren Penns (NBL) Head coach / player
1938-39 Warren Penns / Cleveland White Horses (NBL) Head coach / player
1938-39 Elmira Colonels (New York / Penn League) Head coach
1939-40 Detroit Eagles (NBL) Head coach
1952-53 National Transits - Warren, PA (Independent) 

Gerald Archibald was born in 1907 in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. Archibald was the owner/GM/coach as well as a player. A member of the Midwest Basketball Conference, Warren joined the NBL despite losing its sponsorship with Hyvis Oil. Archibald secured a sponsorship from White Horse Motors in Cleveland and moved in part-way into the 1939-39 season. Archibald then moved the franchise to Detroit and sold the team in late 1940. Archibald was the son of Lyman Archibald, a member of James Naismith's first basketball team in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891. Lyman was the founder of the Archibald Fox Ranch in Warren in 1915, a business that Gerald and his wife Elizabeth ("Betty") took over and became even more prosperous. Gerald and Betty had two children.

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Warren County Observer, March 15, 1962


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