Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Joe Kruse

Joseph R. Kruse

September 9, 1914
Louisville, KY

January 18, 2003
Cincinnati, OH

1930-31 St. Xavier High School - Kentucky (High School)
1931-32 St. Xavier High School - Kentucky (High School)
1932-33 St. Xavier High School - Kentucky (High School) 
1933-34 Xavier University (College) Freshmen
1934-35 Xavier University (College)
1935-36 Xavier University (College)
1936-37 Xavier University (College)
1937-38 Richmond King Clothiers/Cincinnati Comellos (NBL)

From Louisville, Kentucky, Joseph R. Kruse graduated from St. Xavier High School in Louisville, and then went to Xavier University in Cincinnati, where he played football and basketball. He joined the Comellos to play basketball, appearing in six games. He then went on to play football for the Cincinnati Bengals of the early AFL from 1938-1941. He joined the army for World War 2, and upon his return, continued to work for Joseph Kruse Insurance Company, which he opened in 1937. He retired in 1982. He was married to Dorothy Torstrick (1917-1993) and had two daughters, Patrice and Dotty. He died in Cincinnati in 2003 after being struck by a car.


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