Monday, August 31, 2015

Frank Maury

Frank "Fran" "X" Maury

Erie, PA



1933-34 Warren HyVis Oil (Independent)
1934-35 Erie General Electrics (Independent)
1935-36 Warren HyVis Oil (Independent)
1935-36 Buffalo Bisons (MBC)
1936-37 Warren HyVis Oil (Independent)
1936-37 Warren Oilers (MBC)
1937-38 Warren Penns (NBL)
1938-39 Warren Penns/Cleveland White Horses (NBL)
1938-39 Elmira Colonels (NY-Penn League)

First clue: Found a Franklin W. Maury who graduated from Penn in 1935. Died Dec 23, 2001 However, not listed as lettering in basketball at Penn.
Died in North Naples. Born in 1913. From New Jersey
Nothing positively indicates this is our guy. Found three Frank Maurys from Pennsylvania, but none of them are of likely age to have played basketball in 1937/38. Found an article from 1948 in Harrisburg paper (Evening News) that listed a Frank Maury who had a 3 year old son Vincent. This Maury was living in Miami at the time, but had ties to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I am going to conclude that the Miami based Maury is the Penn Maury who died in Naples, Florida. But is this the basketball player?

Maury measured only 5'5.

Maury also played baseball for the team at Erie General Electric and for Warren in 1938..

ProBasketball Encyclopedia identifies him as Marion Francis Maury, born July 15, 1910, dying 1993. However, I find no evidence of this being the basketball player. In fact, I cannot even find this person at all in or

Indianapolis Star, February 22, 1937
Times Herald (Olean, NY), June 12, 1937


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