Friday, November 13, 2015

Bones Spudich

Joseph "Bones" Spudich



1935-36 Holy Trinity Croatian Church - Indiana Harbor (Independent) Head coach / player
1936-37 Holy Trinity Croatian Church - Indiana Harbor (Independent)
1937-38 Holy Trinity Croatian Church - Indiana Harbor (Independent)

1937-38 General American Car Builders - Hammond (Independent)
1938-39 Calumet AC - Indiana (Independent)
1939-40 Hammond Ciesar All-Americans (NBL)
1939-40 La Salle Steel - Hammond (Independent)
1939-40 Sinclair Oilers - Hammond (Independent)
1939-40 Industrial All-Stars- Hammond (Independent)

Another player with only a last name known. So looking around Hammond at that time, I find a basketball player named Joe Spudich, who played for Holy Trinity. Spudich is noted to be one of the multiple skilled Croatian players on the team.

There are three possibilities I see

One reason I prefer the third Joseph Spudich is that he has a brother named Mark, and there is an M. Spudich mentioned in one of the articles about Holy Trinity.

He is most likely not Josef Spudich from McKendry University. The McKendry Spudich was born in 1909 and was coaching football in 1940.

Hammond times refers to the player on La Salle Steel as "Bones" Spudich. Playing with Nick Hashu, who also wound up with the NBL Hammond team, it is likely the Bones Spudich is the NBL player in question here.

UPDATE 8/20/19
Pretty sure he is Joseph Spudich Jr from Benld, Illinois (1916-1993). This Joseph has a brother Marko, which would match with the name of the player who played alongside Joe on various Croatian teams. PBE says it is Joseph R Spudich (1914-1991) but despite finding his obituary, I don't see anything that leads me to believe it is 100% him.

Hammond Times, February 8, 1937
Hammond Times, March 28, 1938
Hammond Times, February 28, 1940



  1. I'm not sure where ProBasketballEncyclopedia got this information, but they list him as being Joseph R. Spudich (10/23/1914 - 5/7/1991) with his hometown of Staunton, IL. I couldn't find any articles to confirm or expand upon this info, but maybe it'll help you?

    1. I am not convinced it is the correct identification. Looking into it deeper.