Thursday, March 10, 2016

Walt Czarnecki

Walter Stanley "Horse" "Charley" Czarnecki

April 27, 1916

March 21, 1996
Hamtramck, MI

Fordson High School - Dearborn, MI (High School)
Detroit College (College) - Univ of Detroit??
1940-41 Langshied (Detroit Basketball Association)
1943-44 Dearborn (Detroit Basketball Association)
1946-47 Detroit Gems (NBL)

There was a post on a message board about the Detroit Gems that said Czarnecki was born in 1920 and died April 27, 2011. However, that particular Walt Czarnecki's obituary mentioned not a word about basketball, and indicates he did not go to school in Dearborn.

In the 1930 census, there is a Dearborn Czarnecki family. Bruno (1888-1963) and Amelia (1893) are the parents, and Walter is born around 1917. Other kids: Joseph (1913), John (1914), Frank (1915), Bruno (1917-1990), Wanda (1921-2000), Stanley (1925), Micheal (1927).
Article from September 13, 1936 Detroit Free Press speaks of Bruno playing at Fordson, so this is a good bet that this is Walt's family.

I am declaring this to be him.

In the March 16, 1941 Detroit Free Press, he is referred to as Charley Czarnecki.

In the January 31, 1941 Detroit Free Press, he is noted to have just been discharged from the army.

Indianapolis Star - December 17, 1946, Page 26
Detroit Free Press, April 7, 1941, Page 14


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