Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tommy Rich

Thomas A. Rich

April 26, 1916
Hobart, NY

November 14, 2011
Venice, FL


1935-36 Cornell University (College)
1936-37 Cornell University (College)
1937-38 Cornell University (College)
1938-39 Rochester Eber-Seagrams (Independent)
1938-39 Newark Elks (Independent)
1939-40 Rochester Eber-Seagrams (Independent)
1939-40 Newark Elks (Independent) 
1940-41 Rochester Eber-Seagrams (Independent)
1941-42 Rochester Eber-Seagrams (Independent)
1942-43 Rochester Eber-Seagrams (Independent)
1943-44 Rochester Pros (Independent)
1944-45 Rochester Pros (Independent)
1945-46 Rochester Royals (NBL)
1945-46 Long Island Hellcats (Independent)
1946-47 Syracuse All-Syracuse (Independent)
1946-47 Auburn - New York (Independent)

Rich lettered in basketball, baseball and soccer while at Cornell. After graduating, he took an engineer job at Seagam's, playing for their industrial professional team. In 1943, he began working at P&C Food Markets in Syracuse, and over the years the business flourished into a major chain, and Rich retired as president in 1974. In retirement, he owned or co-owned various golf courses.

Tommy married Helen Brew in 1939 and they had four daughters (Susan, Kathryn, Barbara and Nancy) and a son, Thomas.

Cornell Daily Sun, December 2, 1942


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