Friday, March 11, 2016

Frank Gates

Ben Frank Gates

April 12, 1920
Huntsville, TX

July 26, 1978
Indianapolis, IN

1938-39 Sam Houston State (College)
1939-40 Sam Houston State (College)
1940-41 Sam Houston State (College)
1944-45 undetermined school - Huntsville, TX (High School) - Head Coach
1945-46 undetermined school - Huntsville, TX (High School) - Head Coach
1946-47 Anderson Duffey Packers (NBL)
1946-47 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (NBL)
1947-48 Houston Mavericks (PBLA)
1948-49 Anderson Duffey Packers (NBL)
1949-50 Anderson Packers (NBA)
1950-51 Anderson Packers (NPBL) - Player / Head Coach

Gates starred at Sam Houston State and after, became the basketball coach at an undetermined high school in Huntsville. He moved up to Indiana and joined up with the Packers and the Pistons. He returned to Texas to play with Houston in the new PBLA, but the team folded after two games. He then returned to Anderson and joined the Packers, staying with them as they transitioned to the NBA. When the team was jettisoned after the 1949-50 season, he became the player / coach as they spent one season in the short-lived NPBL.

He was married to Mildred (born 1929) when he died in 1978.

A Biographical Directory of Professional Basketball Coaches - by Jeff Marcus
Sam Houston State Hall of Fame


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