Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Paul Napolitano

Paul Walter Napolitano

February 3, 1923
Clayton, CA

June 22, 1997
Martinez, CA

1939-40 McClymonds High School - Oakland, CA(High School)
1940-41 McClymonds High School - Oakland, CA(High School)
1942-43 San Francisco (College)
1943-44 Alameda Coast Guard Sealions (Military)
1945-46 San Francisco Dardis Dandies (ABL-AAU)
1946-47 Oakland Bittners (ABL-AAU)
1947-48 Minneapolis Lakers (NBL)
1948-49 Indianapolis Jets (NBA)

He married Pauline Woznick (1916-1997) and had two children. Paul and Pauline both died on the same day, but I cannot find anything with regards to the circumstances behind that coincidence.

Oakland Tribune, February 24, 1941
San Mateo Times, February 18, 1946
Bakersfield CalifornianNevada State Journal, March 9, 1947


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