Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wee Willie Smith

William T. Smith

April 22, 1911
Montgomery, AL

March 15, 1992 
Cleveland, OH

East Tech - Cleveland (High School)
1931-32 Cleveland's Slaughter Brothers (Independent)
1931-32 New York Rens (Independent)
1932-33 New York Rens (Independent)
1933-34 New York Rens (Independent)
1934-35 New York Rens (Independent)
1935-36 New York Rens (Independent)
1936-37 New York Rens (Independent)
1937-38 New York Rens (Independent)
1938-39 New York Rens (Independent)
1939-40 New York Rens (Independent)
1940-41 New York Rens (Independent)
1941-42 New York Rens (Independent)
1942-43 New York Rens (Independent)
1943-44 Cleveland Chase Brassmen (NBL)
1943-44 New York Rens (Independent)
1944-45 New York Rens (Independent)
1945-46 Cleveland Fifas (Independent)
1945-46 Cleveland Allmen Transfers (Independent)
1945-46 Cleveland Buckeyes (Independent)
1946-47 Cleveland Fifas (Independent)
1946-47 Cleveland Monarchs (Independent) 
1948-49 Dayton Rens (NBL)

Smith was born to Isaac and Mary Wheeler Smith in Montgomery, Alabama. One of the game's earliest basketball stars, Smith played with the legendary Rens. He returned to Cleveland, and after basketball worked for the Cleveland Transit Authority. Later he worked as a custodian in the Cleveland Public School System and operated a liquor store.

Smith married Estelle Taylor on August 7, 1937 and they had 2 daughters, June Stallworth, Faith Foster, and a son, James Taylor Smith. Smith was a resident of Cleveland Heights.

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
"Basketball: A Biographical Dictionary" by David-Porter


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