Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bob Sullivan

Robert Patrick Sullivan

July 1, 1921
St. Paul, MN

April 12, 2007 
Manitowoc, WI

1936-37 Hayward High School - Wisconsin (High School)
1937-38 Hayward High School - Wisconsin (High School)
1938-39 Hayward High School - Wisconsin (High School)
1940-41 University of Wisconsin (College)
1941-42 University of Wisconsin (College)
1942-43 University of Wisconsin (College) 
1943-44 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1945-46 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1946-47 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1947-48 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1948-49 Manitowac (WSBL)
1949-50 Manitowac (WSBL)
1950-51 Sheboygan (Independent) 
1951-52 Sheboygan (Independent) 

Born in Minnesota to Daniel and Joan (Tierney) Sullivan. The family moved to Hayward where Sullivan attended high school. He played in the 1941 National Championship team while at UW. After three games for the All-Stars, Sully entered the U.S. Navy, serving in the South Pacific.
After his athletic career ended in 1948, he went to work at Hamilton Industries, where he stayed for 39 years.



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