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Byron Evard

Byron Alfred Evard

March 27, 1908
Fort Wayne, IN

December 22, 1983
Naples, FL

1925-26 Fort Wayne High School - Indiana (High School)
1926-27 St Viator - Illinois (College)
1927-28 St Viator - Illinois (College)
1928-29 St Viator - Illinois (College)
1929-30 St Viator - Illinois (College)
1932-33 Fort Wayne Chiefs (NPBL)
1933-34 Fort Wayne General Electrics (Independent)
1936-37 Fort Wayne General Electrics (MBC)
1937-38 Fort Wayne General Electrics (NBL) - Player / head coach
1945-46 Kokomo Knights of Columbus (Independent) Head coach

There were apparently two Byron Evards from Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the early 20th century. Byron K. Evard was born in 1909, died in 1994, and is buried in Fort Wayne. This is NOT the basketball player.

Byron Alfred Evard was born March 27, 1908, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Alfred and Adeline Evard. Evard attended St. Viator college in Bourbonnais, Illinois, where he played basketball, football and baseball. (College closed in 1938).
Commonly referred in newspapers as "diminutive," Evard played guard for ten games for the Fort Wayne General Electrics in the 1937-38 season of the NBL.
Evard died December 22, 1983, in Collier County, Florida.

Evard married Florence Foohey (Dec 13, 1906 - Jan 20, 1996) on December 2, 1933. They had four children: Virginia (1941-2012), Anne, Dennis and Tim.

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL), January 14, 1927
The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL), March 9, 1930


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