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Swede Roos

Harry Marshall "Swede" Roos, Sr.

August 8, 1913
Chicago, IL

January 30, 1979
Troutdale, OR

1935-36 Chicago Heights (Independent)
1935-36 Chicago Englewood (Independent)
1936-37 Whiting Ciesar All-Americans (Independent)
1937-38 Chicago Acme Steels (AAU)
1938-39 Chicago Acme Steels (AAU)
1939-40 Chicago Acme Steels (AAU) 
1940-41 Chicago Acme Steels (AAU)
1941-42 Chicago (Independent) 
1942-43 Dayton Dive Bombers (Independent)
1943-44 Chicago Gears (AAU)
1944-45 Chicago American Gears (NBL)
1945-46 Chicago American Gears (NBL) - Head Coach
1946-47 Chicago American Gears (NBL) - Asst Coach
1947-48 Waterloo Pro-Hawks (PBLA) - Head coach / player
1947-48 Portland Indians (PCBL) - Head coach / player

Born in Cook County to Gustav and Helena (Beckman) Roos.

Roos played semi-pro basketball, football and baseball during the 30's and 40's.
Named player/coach for the Waterloo Hawks in the PBLA, the league disbanded after Waterloo played six games, so Roos headed back west and took over the reigns for the Portland entry in the Pacific Coast League, playing as well as coaching. He was also very involved in softball in the
Portland area in his later days. He remained in Portland the rest of his life, working as a salesman for Zidell Enterprises. In January of 1979, Roos went to see the Portland Trailblazers take on the Denver Nuggets. He had a heart attack while at the game and died that night.

He was married to Beulah "Lola" Borem (1919-1998) and they had four sons; Harry Jr. (1946-2005), Carl, Stephen and Douglas.

"I loved Harry; he was a Chicago guy from the word go, real rough-and-tumble. Everything about him was tough; he had scars on his face. But he was a real nice guy."
 - Ty Lovelace, former teammate (Portland) -

Oregon Live article by Brain Gaynor, October 28, 2012
16" Softball Hall of Fame


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