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Vince Boryla

Vincent Joseph Boryla

March 11, 1927
East Chicago, IL

March 27, 2016
Englewood, CO

1942-43 Washington High School - East Chicago, IN (High School)
1943-44 Washington High School - East Chicago, IN (High School)
1944-45 Notre Dame (College) Freshmen
1945-46 Notre Dame (College)  
1946-47 Denver Nuggets (ABL-AAU)
1947-48 University of Denver (College)
1948 United States (Olympics)
1948-49 University of Denver (College)
1949-50 New York Knicks (NBA)
1950-51 New York Knicks (NBA)
1951-52 New York Knicks (NBA)
1952-53 New York Knicks (NBA)
1953-54 New York Knicks (NBA)
1955-56 New York Knicks (NBA) Head coach
1956-57 New York Knicks (NBA) Head coach
1957-58 New York Knicks (NBA) Head coach
1967-68 Denver Nuggets (ABA) General manager
1968-69 Denver Nuggets (ABA) General manager
1969-70 Denver Nuggets (ABA) General manager
1970-71 Utah Stars (ABA) General manager
1971-72 Utah Stars (ABA) General manager
1972-73 Utah Stars (ABA) General manager
1973-74 Utah Stars (ABA) General manager
1974-75 Utah Stars (ABA) General manager
1975-76 Utah Stars (ABA) General manager 
1983-84 Denver Nuggets (ABA) President / General manager
1984-85 Denver Nuggets (ABA) President / General manager
1985-86 Denver Nuggets (ABA) President / General manager
1986-87 Denver Nuggets (ABA) President / General manager   

Born to Polish immigrants, Boryla went to Notre Dame before entering the U.S. Army following his sophomore year. He played amateur basketball in Denver while in the Army, since he was stationed in Colorado, and after his discharge, he returned to college but at the University of Denver. He was drafted by the Knicks and developed a hook shot to better match up his 6'5 frame against taller players like George Mikan. He starred for the Knicks for five seasons, and Boryla took over the head coaching job with the Knicks in February of 1956, and coached through the 57-58 season. He later became the GM for the Denver entry in the ABA as well as the Stars, and was also president of the Denver boxing club in the 1970's. He returned to the front office with the Nuggets, and was also very successful in the real estate business.

He married Catherine Brogan (d. 1988) and had three sons and a daughter. He later remarried to Mary Jo Stanbrough. One of his sons, Mike, played football for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Denver Post, December 24, 2011


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