Thursday, June 8, 2017

Milestone #5 - Pacific Coast Basketball League

So that was the Pacific Coast League. Two seasons of grand ideas but poor attendance. The third season and the expansion of the league were still planned until the very end. Pretty interesting league, and fun to learn about players and a league geographically isolated from a majority of the country. I was kind of surprised on how many of those players remain a mystery to me. It's not like newspapers didn't cover the league, but box scores are not the easiest to find.

Here are the players of the PCBL by the numbers:

Number of PCBL players:  118
Unidentified/unknown whereabouts: 21
Surviving PCBL players: 3. Definitely possible that of the 21 mystery players, a few could be still alive. Until I am able to identify them, though, it looks like we have three survivors.

Of the 118 players, 19 players (16.10%) lived to see the age of 90. (So far... one of the three survivors is a mere 89 as I write this). Two men (1.69%) died before the age of 50.

From here, I will update some MBC blog posts with some new information given to me by John Grasso, and then I will be taking a vacation for a bit before returning.

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