Monday, June 12, 2017

Milestone #4.1 - MBC

Our friends at have found some more players (sixteen of them) who played in the MBC but were not listed when I went through the league, so I am going to add their blog posts. Some of these players do not have much information. Some of them I was able to correct or identify beyond what has.
Players added from pro basketball encyclopedia:
Artie Artejuski
Frank Connelly  (I found it is actually spelled Connolly)
William Golub
William G. Hayes
William J. Holland
Charles Holmes
Stub Jacobson
Hugh Jones
John Martin
Howard Jennings Riggs
Salisbury (I found he is Hugh Salisbury)
Maybury A. Schweizer
Edward J. Skrzycki
Cinch Strelecki

Three players I found listed to have played with Windsor:
Jack Campbell
Rusty Gordon
Jack Saunders
(Source: Warren Times Mirror, January 28, 1936)

Thanks to John Grasso for the heads-up on the additional players.

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