Monday, June 12, 2017

Artie Artejuski

Artie Artejuski (Ardzieyewski?)



1935-36 Windsor Cooper Buses (MBC)

From Detroit.

This player is listed as "Artie Artejuski" at probasketballencyclopedia and appears to have played one game for Windsor. Being of Polish ancestry, the spelling of the last name looked too anglicized to me. His last name is most likely Ardzieyewski. I also doubt that "Artie" is his actual first name but most likely a nickname taken from his hard-to-pronounce last name.

In the Detroit area, I found one family of Polish immigrants with that surname, and three sons of the correct age who could possibly be the player: Stanley, Thaddeus and Roman, Jr. (Parents Roman and Sophia). This is the only lead I have. Definitely not much to go on.



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