Friday, February 22, 2019

Ray Woodward

Milton Raymond "Ray" Woodward

September 2, 1920
Laurel, MS

August 31, 2002
Port Neches, TX

1942-43 Ole Miss (College)
1945-46 Ole Miss (College)
1946-47 Ole Miss (College)
1948-49 Laurel Oilers (SPBL)

Born to John and Maggie Woodward, Ray served during World War 2. He would play briefly for his hometown entry in the Southern Basketball League, the Laurel Oilers. He played minor league baseball for 6 years, pitching for the independent Tampa Smokers after a couple years in the Cubs farm system. He pitched very well with Tampa, winning 17 games in 1950 and 16 in 1951, but at 31 years of age he didn't get shot with a major league club.

He married Edna Yarbrough in 1948 and they had two sons.

Minor League Baseball Stats



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