Wednesday, May 4, 2022

New updates, identifications, corrections, May 2022

Taking some time and looking back to fill in some holes or close some things out.


Bill Arnett, PBLA - Added middle name, place of death

Jude Baesman, ABL - Exact death date added

Jim Baker, ABL - Exact death date added

Tom Berry, ABL - Added birthplace and exact date of death

Whitey Bernot, ABL - Corrected birth date, date of death, added birthplace, place of death

Jack Curtin, ABL - Added month and date of death, place of death

Teddy Feldt, ABL - Year of death 1984, not 1982

Eddie Fredericks, ABL - Birth and death dates added

Freddie Gerken, ABL - Exact death date added

George Goldsmith, ABL - Exact birthdate and place of birth added

Jimmy Gordon, ABL - Added birthdate, death according to SSDI occured in March 1966

Carl Hartelius, ABL - Corrected birth date, confirmed exact date of death

Bill Johnson, ABL (1925-26) - Middle name, exact date of death added

Mooney Levine, ABL - Exact death date added

Mickey McNiff, ABL - Exact death date added

Trixie Messenger, ABL - Added date of death

Sam Moorehead, ABL - Exact death date added

Frank Stuchbury, ABL - Exact death date added

Hank Thomas, ABL - Added date and location of death


Percy Jenkins, ABL

Ed Kantor, ABL

Bill McCleary, ABL



Thursday, April 28, 2022

New updates, identifications, corrections, April 2022

Taking some time and looking back to fill in some holes or close some things out.


Sam Askowitz, MBC - death date added, alternate identity added

Tommy Birch, ABL - Corrected death date, added location

Duke Cumberland, NBL - Added birth date, corrected birthplace

Harry Foley, ABL - death date confirmed

Frank Garcia, NBL - birth date and location added

Howie McCarty, NBL, BAA - Birthdate and birthplace confirmed,long-believed year of death was 27 years off. 

Jimmy Nolan, ABL - Birthdate, birthplace added, birthname corrected

Mike O'Neill, NBA - died 1993

Maybury Schweizer, MBC - birthdate added

Gordy Sykes, PCBL - death date confirmed

Harry Thom, MBC - birthdate added

Connie Toomb, ABL, NYSL - Exact death date and location added


Dick Anderson, PCBL

Bill Anton, PCBL

Julian Ardziejewski, MBC (formerly listed as Artie Artejuski)

Tom Baer, ABL

Wally Beck, PCBL

Ron Bowen, PCBL

Jack Brophy, ABL

Jimmy Carr, NYSL

Pete Farina, NYSL

Dave Fox, ABL, EBL 

Jack Gebbie, MBC

Ed Golub, ABL, NYSL, EBL-Ct

Bill Griffin, NYSL

Jimmy Griffin, ABL

Dave Howard, PCBL

Ole Johnson, PCBL

Jerry Lewis, SPBL

Frank Martello, ABL EBL NYSL

Tony Orlando, ABL, NYSL

Harry Parrish, PCBL

Bill Pennebaker, SPBL

Jack Riggin, PCBL

Bill Ryan, NYSL

Red Skurnick, ABL

Don Sorenson, PCBL

Chuck Stewart, ABL

Jack Vaughn, PBLA

Bob Warren, PCBL

Jimmy White, ABL, EBL-Ct, NYSL


Baker, PCBL

Jack Baker, PCBL

John Kaminsky, PCBL

Frank Shone, PCBL

Bob Smith, PCBL

Ted Thompson, PCBL

Hank Vallee, PCBL

Curley Weeks, PCBL


Morrie Helser was on the Spokane Orphans of the PCBL, not his brother Roy Helser as previously listed.

Ducky Moore was previously identified as an imposter who claimed to be the Globetrotter star. 

Al Wark does not exist and did not play for Tacoma Mountaineers. Removed from PCBL and page deleted..

Leo Kane, who played in the New England League after World War 2, was NOT on the 1946-47 Albany Senators. That was Robert Richard (Bob) Kane of Brooklyn, who played at Eastern District HS '37 and attended LIU prior to WW2.

Player listed simply as Ryan for Troy in the NYSL in 1946-47 was determined to be the same Ryan who played earlier that season for Albany. He was also identified as William James Ryan.

Removed the following players from the roster of the 1947-48 Portland Indians (PCBL) - They appear in no league box scores with the club: Jack Butterworth, Don Durdan, Mike Hafenecker, Ken Hays, Ted Sarpola


Bill Anderson, PBLA - from Trenton, NJ

Harry Johnson, PBLA - from Long Island / Queens. Andrew Jackson HS, maybe St John's Prep,  too

Gene Stump, NBA/BAA - various address sites list him as "deceased" but no obituary can be found

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Milestone #5.1 - Pacific Coast Basketball League Updated

Five years since I first looked at the Pacific Coast League, I returned to go over the league better, finding as many box-scores as I could (only missing 11 over the two season of existence). This is, as far as I know, the most in depth research done on this league.  This time around, I found more players that were previously registered, removed a few who did not exist, and identified a handful whose previously were a mystery.

So the NEW numbers on the PCBL (and you can go back to the original postings in June 2017 which have been updated with new information where applicable) are as follows:

Number of PCBL players:  125 (originally was 118 after 2017 research)
Unidentified/unknown whereabouts: 7 (down from 21 after 2017 research)
Surviving PCBL players: 0  (Ty Lovelace was the last surviving player and he passed away last month)

Of the 125 players, 19 players (15.20%) lived to see the age of 90. Three men (2.40%) died before the age of 50.





1948-47 Astoria Chinooks (PCBL)

Played one game for Astoria, scoring one point for Astoria against Bellingham on December 17, 1947. He is not Norm Baker or Jack Baker, who both also played in the PCBL this season.


Jack Baker

Jack Baker

August 31, 1923
Arlington, WA

November 14, 1994
Bellingham, WA

1938-39 Bellingham High School - Washington (High School)
1939-40 Bellingham High School - Washington (High School)
1940-41 Bellingham High School - Washington (High School)
1941-42 Fircrest Dairy- Bellingham, WA (Independent)
1947-48 Bellingham Fircrests (PCBL)

Born to Cecil and Grace Baker, Jack was a basketball and ran track at Bellingham High School. He attended Western Washington College before enlisting in the U.S Navy to serve the country in World War 2. After serving in the South Pacific, he returned home where he would play basketball for the Bellingham Fircrests in 1947-48. He would become a fireman in Bellingham, and after 19 years became Fire Chief, a job he held for 12 years until retiring in 1978. He died in 1994.

Jack married Irene Chetwood in 1947 and they had two sons and a daughter. 

Bellingham Herald, November 14, 1994

Ted Thompson

Theodore Dewitt Thompson, Jr.

April 26, 1920
Anaconda, MT

January 3, 1993
Portland, OR

1937-38 Lewis & Clark HS - Spokane, WA (High School)
1939-40 University of Idaho (College) - Freshmen
1940-41 University of Idaho (College)
1941-42 University of Idaho (College)
1947-48 Bellingham Fircrests (PCBL)

Standing 6' and 170 pounds, Thompson starred for the Idaho Vandals before enlisting in the army for World War 2. After the war, he signed to play with the Bellingham Fircrests of the Pacific League, but was released on New Years Eve, 1947, after appearing in three games and scoring six points.


Hank Vallee

Henry William Vallee
born Henry William Valentin

April 24, 1917
San Anselmo, CA

October 8, 1994
Cle Elum, WA

1943-44 Camp McQuiade (Military)
1944-45 Camp Ross (Military)
1946-47 Navy Site Sailors - Tacoma, WA (Independent)
1947-48 Tacoma Mountaineers (PCBL)

Born to Henry and Minini Valentin, Vallee served in the U.S. Army during World War two and played minor league baseball for a few years, including a couple years with the Tacoma Tigers which is what brought him to playing basketball with the Mountaineers in December of 1947. He would go on to work in structural steel and involved in many construction projects in the Pacific Northwest.