Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jack Tanner

Jack Russell Tanner

July 29, 1920
Dora, AL

June 28, 1988
Dora, AL

1939-40 Auburn University (College)
1940-41 Auburn University (College)
1941-42 Auburn University (College)
1947-48 Gadsden / Bessemer Whiz Kids (SPBL) Head coach / player
1948-49 Birmingham Steelers (SPBL)

A graduate from Auburn, Tanner went into the U.S. Army after graduating, serving for two years during World War 2. He would be hired to coach Tanner the Whiz Kids in the Southern Basketball League. (He allegedly played a few games, but I have not found all of the box scores and haven't seen his name in a game yet.) He would go on to play for the Birmingham Steelers in the next season. Jack was involved with Alabama's agricultural industry, serving with the Jefferson County Bureau and the Farmer's Market of Birmingham.

Jack and his wife, Dorothy, had one son and two daughters.



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