Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Bill Ramsey

William Thrace Ramsey, Jr.

February 20, 1920
Osceola, AR

January 4, 2008
Memphis, TN

1947-48 Memphis Legionnaires (SPBL)

Born in Osceola, Arkansas, on the Mississippi River, Ramsey played baseball at the University of Florida briefly before leaving school to play minor league baseball. He started in the Brooklyn Dodger and St Louis Cardinals' farm systems and rose through the ranks during the talent-depleted farm systems of World War 2. In 1945, he made it to the Major Leagues, spending the season with the Boston Braves. He played in 78 games that season, batting .292. With the war over and major league players returning from Duty, Ramsey found himself out west, playing in the Pacific Coast League. with Seattle and Sacramento. A man of great speed, he would lead the PCL in stolen bases. Home for the off-season in 1947-48, he was coaxed to play for the Memphis basketball team in the Southern League. After three game where he scored 21 total points, he was let go. Determined to make it back to the major leagues, he would play a few more years with Seattle in the PCL, but his numbers began to drop, and by the close of 1952, he was done playing professional baseball.

Ramsey married Patricia Ann Bryant and they had two children.

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