Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Red Allen

William "Red" Allen



1939-40 Jamaica High School - New York (High School)
1940-41 St. John's University (College) Freshmen
1941-42 Jamaica St. Pascal Babyton Five - New York City (Independent)
1941-42 Long Island Our Lady of Grace - New York City (Independent)
1945-46 Trenton Pros - New Jersey (Eastern League? Independent?)
1946-47 Fitchburg PAMCO's (NEBL)
1947-48 Fitchburg PAMCO's (NEBL)
1947-48 St. Joseph Outlaws (PBLA)
1947-48 Birmingham Vulcans (SPBL)
1947-48 Hartford Hurricanes (ABL)
1947-48 Scranton Miners (ABL)
1949-50 New York Celtics (Independent)

Other than St. Joseph, Trenton, Hartford and Fitchburg, I see almost no evidence of Red Allen. Haven't found anything that ties him to St. John's at all but other encyclopedias say he played there. The 1947 article in the Fitchburg Sentinal mentions Allen was formerly of the "Trenton Pros." There was an Adams (first name not known) who played for the ABL's Trenton franchise in 1928-29, but that would make him quite old for his later career. Another Adams played for Wilmington in 1945-46. This could be him.

Allen was released by the PAMCO's when the franchise dissolved on December 14, 1947.

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