Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Darrell Lorance

Darrell Morris Lorance

February 28, 1928
Phillipsburg, MO

October 20, 2013
East Moline, IL

1942-43 Conway High School - Missouri (High School)
1943-44 Conway High School - Missouri (High School)
1944-45 Conway High School - Missouri (High School)
1945-46 University of Kentucky (College)
1946-47 University of Missouri (College)
1947-48 Springfield Squires (PBLA)
1947-48 Conway Motors (Independent)
1948-49 Birmingham Steelers (SPBL)

Born to Jess and Maggie Lorance in 1928. In August of 1948, he signed with Syracuse in the NBL. He signed with the Wilkes-Barre Baron of the ABL in the fall of 1948, but I believe he was cut prior to the commencement of the season, so he moved on to the Steelers in the Southern League. He later served as a fireman.

Darrell married Patricia Park in 1948. They had one son and two daughters.

Note: Some encyclopedias think he died in 2014. His wife died in 2014, and he died in 2013. When she died, the family had a memorial for both of them, so his obituary was reprinted in October of 2014, but he had actually died he year before.

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Wilkes-Barre Record, November 10, 1948
Obituary, Lebanaon Daily Record, October 29, 2014


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