Saturday, February 4, 2017

Brief Acknowledgements

In the past, I have expressed my gratitude to people like John Grasso and Jay LaFountaine for help and information along the way. I should also take a second to thank the family members of many former players who have contacted me to correct or fill-in blank spots in my research. I am not opposed to help in any nature. This blog is a living document, which is why things may change as information becomes available, and I cite everything I can if it is not common knowledge.

I would also like to thank websites like and for making it easier to find rosters. (A lot of their biographical information is incorrect, but eventually things will be corrected as I keep identifying players). Along these same lines, a very new but valuable website is The popped up at some point during the my blog, with a lot of great information and pointers. I didn't take their biographical information as gospel, but used it to point me in a direction, and more times than not, they were correct. There were a few discrepancies between my research and theirs, but as long as I had references I kept my data. They have a few identifications I am not able to confirm, so I left those cases open until I can get concrete proof. I noticed, that they have also updated their information based on things I have found (like Charlie Hoefer's and Ken Corley's identities). It is a great site and hopefully between myself, the above mentioned sites, and the fine people at the site, we can all one day have these great players of the past properly identified and remembered.

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