Monday, December 7, 2015

Jack Keller

Jack Gatton Keller

June 22, 1922
Fort Wayne, IN   

May 2, 2012
Fort Wayne, IN

North Side High School - Fort Wayne, IN (High School)
1940-41 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (Independent)
1941-42 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (NBL)
1942-43 Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (NBL)

Born in 1922 to Chalcie and Wave Keller, Keller grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After high
school, he played two seasons for Fort Wayne before joining the U.S. Army for World War 2. After he returned from the war, he worked as the Superintendent of Transportation as Conrail Railroad for 36 years.
Keller married Mary Joan Meehan (1924-2008), and they had two daughters; Jacqueline Tippmann and Amu DeVerna, and two sons, Robert and Thomas.

Military Record


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