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Gran Edwards

Gran Edwards




1941-42 Toledo Jim White Chevrolets (NBL)

Played three games for Toledo.

Originally listed by encyclopedias as Glenn Edwards

Just for the sake of elimination, no one by the surname of Edwards played at Univ of Toledo.

- Update 8/19/2016 -
An article in the January 14, 1942 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle refers to the center as Gran Edwards. This changes the focus of my search. An article from January 15, 1942 in the same newspaper refers to him as "Granny" so I conclude that his name is not Glenn.

There was a Thomas Granville Edwards (1920-1996) from Delta, Colorado, who played for Western State (Co.) and then played in various leagues out west as all as playing while in the Navy, but I can't place him in the Midwest. There is another Granville Edwards (1916-1995) from Kentucky, which is a lot closer to Ohio, but nothing to link him to basketball. It's possible either of these two guys are the Gran Edwards who played for Toledo, but the data is inconclusive. It is also possible that the 1942 D&C article mistakingly referred to Glenn as Gran, which send us back to square one.

The Gran Edwards from the West played center at Western and weighing 185 pounds (he also played football there), but the Toledo player is listed on probasketballencyclopedia as being 5'6 and 130 pounds. However, the boxscore printed on January 19, 1942 in the Roch D&C has Gran Edwards as a center. This makes the Gran Edwards from the west as our likely player.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, January 14, 1942 
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, January 15, 1942


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