Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Clem Ruh

Clemens W. Ruh

October 31, 1915

October 5, 1973
Studio City, CA

1932-33 Anderson High School - Indiana (High School)
1933-34 Anderson High School - Indiana (High School)
1934-35 Anderson High School - Indiana (High School)
1936-37 University of Southern California (College)
1937-38 University of Southern California (College)
1938-39 University of Southern California (College) 
1940-41 Hammond Ciesar All-Americans (NBL)

Born to August and Lillian Ruh, Clem was a member (along with Buttercup Anderson) of the Anderson High basketball team that won the state title in 1935. He moved on to USC, and returned to Hammond to play with the Ciesars. After his basketball days, he operated a Chevrolet dealership in Canoga Way in California, until his death in 1973. He was very active in the local community, and the Canoga High School named their football complex after Ruh when the family donated $25,000 in Ruh's name as a memorial.
He was married to Bette (1918-1995)

Anderson Daily Bulletin, October 8, 1973
Canoga Park High School


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