Thursday, December 3, 2015

Harry Eich

Harry Eich




1941-42 Akron Goodyear Wingfoots (NBL)

No idea who this is. Played one game for Akron. Only known by the name "Elch"

One possibility is that his last name is actually "Eich". There was a George Eich in Akron at that time that was the right age, but he died in 1936. There is also a family of "Eichelberger"'s in Akron around that time.. Could be a shortened version of that name.

Update 5/12/2016:
There was a guy named "Eich" who pitched for Akron Goodyear's industrial baseball team in June of 1941. I think this is our guy. Another article a week later shows the pitcher is Harry Eich. The trail heats up.
Worth checking out more:

A Harold Leroy Eich lived in Greenville, PA, born to Earl and Blanche Eich, married Marian Porter in 1939. He worked at United Gas Company in Greenville. Greenville is 80 miles from Akron, so it is possible he took a job at Akron.

Akron Beacon Journal, June 18, 1941


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