Tuesday, December 8, 2015

George Morse

George Edward Morse

April 11, 1920
Chicago, IL

December 6, 2012
Chicago, IL

Mt. Carmel High School - Chicago (High School)
1937-38 Marquette University (College) freshmen
1938-39 Chicago Duffy Florals (Independent)
1939-40 Chicago Duffy Florals (Independent)
1940-41 Chicago Duffy Florals (Independent)
1941-42 Chicago Bruins (NBL)
1946-47 Chicago Shamrocks (Independent)
1947-48 Chicago Shamrocks (Independent)
1948-49 Chicago Shamrocks (Independent)

A skilled athlete at Mt Carmel, Morse went to Marquette on an athletics scholarship but left to play professional basketball. World War 2 came up, and Morse enlisted in the Army. However, Morse would make his real impact on the sporting world in softball. He was an innovator of the 16' softball game, and was inducted into the sport's Hall of Fame.
Morse died in 2012 of pulmonary disease.
He married Mary Jane Reilly and had a son, Joseph, and three daughters; Donna Kelly, Barbara McKenzie and Bonnie Shatkus.

16 Inch Softball Hall of Fame


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