Friday, December 11, 2015

Abe Yourist

Abe Harry Yourist

March 19, 1907

November 9, 1991
Seattle, WA

1925-26 Woodward High School - Toledo (High School)
1926-27 Woodward High School - Toledo (High School)
1927-28 Woodward High School - Toledo (High School)
1929-30 Heidelberg College - Ohio (College)
1930-31 Heidelberg College - Ohio (College)
1931-32 Heidelberg College - Ohio (College) 
1932-33 Toledo Crimson Coaches (Independent)
Babe Dridrickson's All Stars (Pro)
1941-42 Toledo Jim White Chevrolets (NBL)

Yourist was born in Russia to David and Sophia Yourist, and the family immigrated here shortly after Abe was born. He grew up in Toledo where Woodward was a high school athlete. Yourist was a four-sport star at Heidelberg, playing football, basketball, baseball and ran track. He played pro basketball on Babe Dridrikson's All-Stars and the Crimson Coaches as well as a brief appearence with the Toledo Chevrolets. He also was a professional wrestler for many years, including under the names Pepper Gomez and the Masked Marvels. He retired from wrestling around 1970. He also worked for Fenton Aluminum Sash in the Seattle area for 22 years. He had lived in Seattle since 1948.

Yourist died in 1991 after falling in his home. He married Irene in 1937 and had a son, Harry, and a daughter, Sharon.

Obituary, Toledo Blade, November 9, 1991
Seattle Time Obituary, November 13, 1991
1930 Census
Bio at Heidelberg College

Many places state he played professional football for the Bears and other teams, but the only record of him playing pro football is with Passaic in the AFA in 1936.

Nothing to indicate he played for the Bears (or any NFL team) at all.



  1. Son's name was Harry, his brother was Leo (see Blade obit).

  2. Abe married “Irene”, Sylvia was his sister.

    1. Corrected. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.