Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bob Cousy

Robert Joseph Cousy

August 9, 1928
New York, NY


1944-45 Andrew Jackson High School - Jamaica, NY (High School)
1945-46 Andrew Jackson High School - Jamaica, NY (High School)
1946-47 Holy Cross (College)
1947-48 Holy Cross (College)
1948-49 Holy Cross (College)
1949-50 Holy Cross (College)
1950-51 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1951-52 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1952-53 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1953-54 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1954-55 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1955-56 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1956-57 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1957-58 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1958-59 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1959-60 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1960-61 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1961-62 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1962-63 Boston Celtics (NBA)
1963-64 Boston College (College) Head coach
1964-65 Boston College (College) Head coach
1965-66 Boston College (College) Head coach
1966-67 Boston College (College) Head coach
1967-68 Boston College (College) Head coach
1968-69 Boston College (College) Head coach
1969-70 Cincinnati Royals (NBA) Head coach / player
1970-71 Cincinnati Royals (NBA) Head coach
1971-72 Cincinnati Royals (NBA) Head coach
1972-73 Kansas City / Omaha Kings (NBA) Head coach
1973-74 Kansas City / Omaha Kings (NBA) Head coach


In high school, Cousy broke his hand which forced him to learn how to dribble and shoot left-handed. Once his right right hand healed, he was essentially an ambidextrous player, and on his way to being the first great point guard in the NBA. He graduated from high school and went to Holy Cross, being one of six freshman to make the team. The Crusaders went 24-3 and won the NCAA Tournament. Cousy had a poor sophomore season with limited playing time, and considered transferring, but he stayed at Holy Cross. It took to his senior year to really realize his talent. He was drafted by Tri-Cities in the 1950 NBA draft, but was unexcited at the prospect of playing in the Midwest (He also had opened a business in Boston and did not want to leave it behind.) His right were transferred to the Chicago Stags, but when the Stags folded, he was picked up by the Celtics, who had originally passed on him in the Draft for Charlie Share, in a dispersal draft.

Cousy went on to become one of the all-time greats. He was a 13-time All-Star and on the NBA MVP award in 1957, and was a key part to six NBA title with the Celtics Dynasty. He scored 16,960 points and recorded just under 6,955 assists. He retired after the 1962-63 season and took the head coaching job at Boston College. In six seasons at BC, his record was 114-38. This lead to an NBA coaching job with the Cincinnati Royals in 1969-70, and even returned briefly to the court. He slead the Royals as they eventually moved to Kansas City / Omaha to become the Kings, but was fired partially into the 1973-74 season. Cousy was the commissioner for the American Soccer League from 1974 to 1979, and has periodically worked in the broadcast booth since then, usually with the Celtics. In 1993, he was cast to play the Athletic Director in the Nick Nolte film, "Blue Chips."



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