Friday, July 22, 2016

Eddie Wollen

Elmore "Moe" "Ed" Wollen



1947-48 Harry Hopkins AVC (Independent)
1947-48 Crescent AC (Independent)
1948-49 Harlem Yankees (NYSL)
1948-49 Dayton Rens (NBL)

Either from Memphis, TN or NYC. No clue to his identity. No one by that name found on that fits.

Updated 5/10/18
Found more articles that refer to him as "Moe" Wollen, and another article called him "Elmore 'Moe' Wollen. From Brooklyn. Better leads, but still no positive identification. Last name could be Wallens, Wollens or shortened from something very length like Waollenschlager. Highly doubtful he is Ed Whalen from LIU, since Whalen played at LIU in 1948-49.



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